About Us

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InfoStudenti.net started as a place to help university students explore important questions that they often ask as they advance through their study years. But these questions are also asked by all of us: questions about ourselves, our beliefs, God, the nature and origin of the physical world we live in, and many others. Whether your university days are before you or behind you, InfoStudenti.net is also a place for you. Whatever your background, we hope to provide the tools for you to ask your questions and develop your ideas.

What we do
Based in Italy, we are a group Christ followers from diverse backgrounds working to build friendships with national and international students on local university campuses. We welcome all students and offer our support and friendship during their stay. We aim to help people grow in all areas of life.

A major way we do this is through small discussion groups. Each InfoStudenti group offers a safe place in which to explore the big questions and examine the reasons for the Christian hope. The relationships that are eventually formed in these groups often start enriching personal intellectual and spiritual journeys.

In addition, we also engage in one-on-one relationships offering practical support and encouragement. Our services are offered to international students of all faiths or none.

Whether you are asking questions or seeking to connect, this online site is a place for you. If you would like to learn more about who we are and what we do, please feel free to send us an email.