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InfoStudenti is an interactive resource and is guaranteed to get everyone talking about questions that matter. It is designed for people who do not necessarily have religious beliefs, but are seeking answers and the rare opportunity to discuss big questions openly. Many of us have spiritual questions but nowhere they feel comfortable discussing them: Questions of God’s existence; science and faith; global suffering; different religions; the Bible and Jesus Christ, who he was and what he did and taught; and many more. Whether you are asking questions about life in general or Christianity, or wanting to grow in discipleship, InfoStudenti could be the place for you. Don’t miss the unique opportunity of your student days, come and explore your spiritual questions relevant to society today.

Join us as we explore life’s important questions


What does mean to be human? How do we determine our source of identity? Is there purpose to our existence?



Why is the universe the way it is? How can we account for the order and beauty that we see in it? Where did it all come from?



What is the Bible all about? Why is it important? How wrote it? Why should I care about what is in it?



Does God exist? If so, how can we know anything about him? What does the bible say about God?



Who is Jesus? Did he actually exist? What does it mean when we say Jesus is the son of God? Why is Jesus the basis of the christian faith? Why should we care about Jesus now?


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