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Welcome to our website. Being an international student can be exciting and rewarding but sometimes lonely and frustrating. We are a group of people from diverse nationalities and backgrounds working to build friendships with national and international students in your university. We would like to welcoming students from all backgrounds and offer genuine friendship to international students (of any faith or none) during their time in Italy. We work in partnership with similar organisations to be able to offer students some help, various services, and especially our support and friendship during their stay in Italy.

Often today, questions about what we believe and why are quietly bypassed. As a result, many people never consider the big questions of life or get the chance to look at the person and teaching of Jesus for themselves. If you are looking for a place to explore the big questions of life and examine the Christian faith then read on.  At InfoStudenti we want to help you do this – your student days are the ideal opportunity!

Our Passion
InfoStudenti is an interactive resource for small groups and is guaranteed to get everyone talking about questions that matter. It is designed for people who do not necessarily have religious beliefs, but are seeking answers and the rare opportunity to discuss big questions openly. Many students have spiritual questions but nowhere they feel comfortable discussing them: Questions of God’s existence; science and faith; global suffering; different religions; and many more. Then there are questions about Jesus Christ, who he was and what he did and taught. If this is you, then come and explore your spiritual questions. This is a place to grow in your faith with like-minded people who are also getting to grips with student life – to go deeper in your faith through quality Bible study and personal one to one help. We are committed to helping students to live out their faith practically and in a way that is relevant to society today. We works in a variety of contexts amongst: students and graduates. Whether you are asking questions about life in general or Christianity, or wanting to grow in discipleship, InfoStudenti could be the place for you. Don’t miss the unique opportunity of your student days.

What we do
Whatever your background InfoStudenti could provide the context for you to explore the big questions in life, and to ask your questions and develop your faith. We help people to investigate the Christian faith, to study the Bible for themselves, to live out their faith and to learn to help others do the same. In a rapidly changing and confusing world we seek to be relevant, whilst staying true to God’s unchanging message. We aim to help people grow in all areas of life, giving them the grounding and skills to keep going through all life throws at them.

– A major way we do this is through small discussion groups. Each InfoStudenti group offers a safe place in which to explore your spiritual questions and take a look at Christianity. For many, the relationships formed in these groups are key to their spiritual journey, challenging and encouraging them. These groups provide a safe and honest environment to learn together.

– In addition to times in the small group, you can also meet up with students on a one to one basis to discuss your questions if you wish. Our services are offered to international students of all faiths or none.

Whether you are asking questions about life or Christianity, or wanting to deepen your faith, this site could be the place for you. If you have a general inquiry or you’re not sure who to contact please send us an email. We are more than happy to help where we can or pass your enquiry on to the appropriate person.